6 Month Startup Deliverables & Resources

6 Month Startup Deliverables & Resources

2017 6 Month Startup Seattle Sessions

Month 1 Deliverables – October 18

Session Slides

  • Why do you want to do a startup?
    • Write your reasons to your future self – the cost of doing this will be high. Define your why and document it.
    • Does the money matter?
    • How long will you “try” to do the company?
  • Ideation deliverables 
    • Write out a two paragraph summary of each of your ideas
    • Rank the ideas based on 1-4
    • Rank it based on your willingness to spend 6 years on the idea
  • Product/Service deliverables
    • What will the product look like to the customer
    • How will it be delivered
    • What features are required for launch
    • What would be nice to have at launch
    • How much will it cost to make?
    • How much will it cost to sell?
  • Target Customer deliverables
    • How big is your TAM/SAM/SOM/LAM – post
    • What research can you find on the topic
  • Research deliverables
    • What did you find on the web that makes you think this is a good idea
    • What are the headwinds and tailwinds that make you think this is a good idea
    • What have other companies been funded in this space? How much and by whom?
  • Bring your research list to the next session
    • Companies in Crunchbase with links
  • Want to get a jump start on the next session? Start doing customer interviews

Startup Resources



Pitch Resources

Month 2 Deliverables – November 8, 2017

Session Slides

Competitive Landscape

  • Build your competitive landscape as a Google Sheet
    • Subscribe to Google Alerts for all of your competitors
  • Resources and plugins
    • SEO Stats – Chrome toolbars show traffic, page info, speed and keywords
    • SEM Rush – Chrome plugin opens a new window and

Customer Development

  • Write up your customer development questions
    • What are the top five questions you want to be answered
  • Create your form on Google forms, embed that form into your website if you have a site
  • Get your first 20 interviews completed in the next month
  • Bring your results to the next session

Awkward Co-Founder Discussions

  • Schedule both co-founder meetings
  • Complete the Foundrs survey, print out the results of your second meeting
  • Get the discussion out there before incorporation or
  • Have the discussion after incorporation
  • Setup Slicing Pie tool

See you next month!


7 Replies to “6 Month Startup Deliverables & Resources”

  1. For the “Ideation homework” part, Is it compulsory to write about multiple ideas? If its compulsory, can you explain the intention behind it?
    I’m already working on an idea right now and don’t want to explore anything else at this stage.

    1. Hey MC,

      The slides from the session has an example. Here’s a quick version:
      – Company, URL
      – Crunchbase URL
      – Team size
      – Capital raised
      – traffic stats, use the resources outlined in the resources pages like SEM Rush, Keywords everywhere to get a feel for both total traffic and cost to purchase that traffic
      – Notes field that you can keep ongoing notes

      For your customer development survey, in your specific case, you’d want to know that last time someone traveled, if they used a local service, what type of traveler they are. If they don’t travel for leisure, you’d want to move on. Data from someone that isn’t in your customer profile will skew your results (aspirational travelers will never pay).

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