2019.11 Cohort 4 Seattle

2019.11 Cohort 4 Seattle

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Month 1

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Video from the prior cohort. YouTube Video


See the slides for details on the following deliverables. Bring deliverables for peer review to the next session. After peer review, you’ll review the notes with the mentors.

  • What is your Venture Ready Score _____
  • Write up your “Why are you doing a startup” summary?
  • Culture is set in the first five employees – what kind of culture will your company have? Don’t solve for this question, just write down some notes on what you will do to impact culture
  • List your problem solutions. Rank based on what you know today
  • Competitive Analysis – list your competitors in a GSheet, Name, URL, Crunchbase link, features, etc (
  • Create a second tab on the GSheet for keywords learned from your competitor research
  • Subscribe to Google Alerts for all competitors
  • Market Sizing: TAM, SAM, SOM, both the top-down and the bottom-up research and data references. Working on more than one idea? Start with the largest markets first.
  • Pitch: Outline and practice your pitch – use the madlibs format as a prompt




Pitch Resources

Group Meetup

Between now and the next session, connect with your peers based on the shared emails collected lasts night. Google hangout or connect in person.

Share progress on deliverables and what you’ve learned:

This is what I thought, this is what I learned and this is what I’m going to do about it.