April 2020

Day 1 Slides

Day 1 Agenda:

Introductions, Research, Pricing and Markets

Part 1 Recording (before lunch break). Intro, Research, and Pricing (Access Password: R6#3Lg#^)

Part 2 Recording (after lunch break) Markets. (Access Password: Z9%U.&x2) 

Day 2 Slides

Day 2 Agenda

Awkward Co-Founder Discussions, Competitive Analysis, Value Propositions, Customer Development Mechanics

Part 1 Recording (before lunch)  (Access Password: t6*G?!!6) 

Part 2 Recording (after lunch) (Access Password: o7?1$465) 

Ultimate Customer Development Questions Blog Post

Day 3 Slides

Day 3 Agenda

How Startups Make Money: Marketing, Sales Business Development, and Revenue Models. Product Market Fit, Metrics that Matter and Financial Model Templates.

Part 1 Recording (before lunch break). How Startups Make Money, Marketing, Sales, Biz Dev and 15 Tech Revenue Models. (Access Password: D6&n*0*Y) 

Part 2 Recording (after lunch break). Product Market Fit, Traction, Product and Company Roadmap, and Financial Models. (Access Password: B1*E8i#5) 

Financial Model Template Folder

Day 4 Slides

Part 1 Recording –  (Access Password: R7&5VF#*) 

Part 2 Recording. (Access Password: e1.q4i5k) 


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