Central Casting Called: They’d like you to be more self aware!

Central Casting Called: They’d like you to be more self aware!

The startup ecosystem is filled with interesting characters. Maybe you’ve seen a few of them around?

There’s the Narcissistic Founder. You know the one, like Narcissus who fell in love with his own image, this Founder fell in love with their own idea. Oh you who give founder’s a bad name!

  • They are so focused on their own idea, they can’t see past it to get to know the people around them, let alone be bothered with #givefirst
  • You know the guy, they are standing off stage with a tablet to do their demo for the speaker – they don’t even know what the speaker said because they are practicing their pitch in their head
  • For some reason, they don’t have a co-founder, it’s the toughest first sale, getting someone to buy your vision and join your team. But they are so busy talking about the idea and won’t listen to what their co-founder candidate has to say.

The Arrogant Venture Capitalist – the person that shows up late for your meeting at their own office. They went to a great school, but have never actually built a company.

  • They are unprepared, ask irrelevant questions about the wrong industry or customer segment.
  • They check their phone 4-5 times during the meeting because they are great multitaskers.
  • They don’t show up at community events to network but encourage you to build relationships with investors early – if only they were available.

The Corporate/Venture Lawyer – you know the one, they show up in a suit and tie to a casual event.

  • They talk slowly and lead with rhetorical questions – did I mention that they get paid by hour?
  • They have partners for whatever topic you need help with, but don’t seem to know that startups can’t afford $650/hour.

I hope you’re not one of the characters described above. If you are, it’s not too late to change! You can be more self aware. Go meet people with the intent of how you can serve them first.  Be a connector, make introductions.

Be known for what you contribute – not for what you take. #GiveFirst

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