Dave, good to see you, I just left my job!

Dave, good to see you, I just left my job!

I love what I do. Working with early stage founders that are on their way to launching companies is great work – even a calling.

I was at a restaurant on Westlake Ave today, sitting outside for lunch with a co-worker. He and I were talking through some business topics when I hear “Dave?” and a former Startup Next Seattle attendee was walking past. It wasn’t a surprise to see him. We are in Amazon-land, and last I knew he was working at Amazon.

When I asked him how his startup was coming, he said “I’ve left Amazon and I’m working on my startup full-time”. That news makes me happy. For those of you that are risk-averse it strikes fear into your heart. But for those of us that are entrepreneurs you understand that now things will <finally> start to happen for this team.

Stepping into full-time changes things. Not only have you left your job, but you’ve shown a commitment to your startup that’s really required to make it work. You may not of burnt your ships (yet), but you have a different tone in your voice with customers and your team.



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