Thanks for joining me for the fourth cohort of Flat6 Labs of the scaleup program for Abu Dhabi.

Slide for Sessions 1 and 2

Session 1 Recording
Passcode: y.!.5Sqx

Session 2 Recording & Resources

Product/Market Pull Template
Passcode: 7#By*TF6

Session 3 – Product and Company Roadmap

AHA! PRD Template

Quarterly Board Milestones Doc
Passcode: wGg9%L1n

Session 4 – Startup Pricing Workshop


  • Research
    • Customers
    • Anchors
    • Competitors
  • A/B Testing
    • Low Fidelity
    • High Fidelity
  • Promotions – list your launch promotions
  • Complete the Pricing Worksheet

Passcode: @W1jcj#N

Session 5 – First Revenue Hire and Sales Motion


  • Initial Sales script from founders
  • Job Descriptions for sales roles – using templates from the slide deck
  • Sales Motion (sales process) – identify the steps in the sales process

Passcode: s.0$9?fH

Session 6 – Go-to-Market Workshop


  • Map Value Props to Ideal Customer Profiles
  • What was learned from Product/Market Pull tests?
  • Complete Customer Journey Map
  • Identify and test marketing channels
  • Sales JDs and basic comp for job posting

Passcode: %hFDg&3=

Session 7 – Financial Modeling

Financial Model Templates

Passcode: t2P&?P13

Session 8 – Fundraising as an Enterprise Sales Process
Passcode: Fi3r=4GG

Session 9 – Scaling Your Team

10. Building a Great Startup Culture
Passcode: O9%rcbv0

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