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I’m excited to get the opportunity to work with your startup and the new Flat6 Labs team in Amman Jordan from the 9th – 11th of September 2022. We’ll get to know each other better over the next few days. Each day I’ll post the program slides in advance and the video recordings after the sessions.

Final Schedule and Deliverables here:

Here’s a link to the Venture Ready Score and blog post.

Day 1 Slides & Resources

The Ultimate List of Customer Development Questions

I’ve had a few requests for this post. I’ve compiled all of my favorite customer development questions into one place! I’m sure I’ve missed some great questions. Please let me know your favorites in the comments sections, and I’ll continually update this post. Included are questions that can be asked throughout the product development lifecycle – … Continue readingThe Ultimate List of Customer Development QuestionsMike Fishbein

Day 2 Slides and Resources

Day 3 Slides and Resources

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