Cohort 2 – Fall/Winter 2023/2024

Session 1 – November 1, 2023 – Product/Market Fit – Milestone 1


  1. Outline your basic value proposition for today
  2. Identify your target Ideal Customer profile today
  3. Guess your top three marketing channels
  4. Have a hypothesis of your sales models
  5. Pick your primary and secondary revenue models

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Session 2 – November 6, 2023 – GTM & Growth Hacking, Product/Market Pull Tests

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Session 3 Company and Product Roadmap


Make your own copy, and fill in your Quarterly Board Milestone doc

Session 4 – Pricing Workshop


  • Research
  • Customers – where are you in the workflow
  • Anchors – how do you compare to other adjacent products they purchase
  • Competitors – now and historical pricing, how do your features compare
  • Testing – Low Fidelity, High Fidelity
  • Promotions – list your launch promotions 
  • Complete the pricing Worksheet

Session 5 – Revenue Models and Forecasting

Financial Model Templates

Deliverables: If you don’t yet have any real data from go-to-market, delay the deliverables and work on the Quarterly Board Planner.

Session 6 – Scaling up and Doubling Down

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