Is That Momentum Shifting?

Is That Momentum Shifting?

Momentum is a funny thing. 

For a startup, you know when you have it, and you know when you don’t have it.

But you don’t always know why you have it and you can’t necessarily point to when you actually got it started.

Planning for momentum is a bit like planning for virality. There are things you can prepare for and execute on that plan. But you can’t be in control of the outside factors.

How do you prepare your startup for momentum? Here’s a quick list of some of the tasks that will help:

  1. Exceeding Customers’ Expectations – it’s the WOW! Is your current offering a WOW or does it fall short?
  2. Telling Your Story – I know you’re saying, “Dave, that’s obvious…” but wait. You need to tell your story in a way that other people can tell it for you. Right now, the only person that can likely tell your story is you or your co-founder. Momentum requires other people to tell your story for you.
  3. Consistent Communications – both internal to your team and external. Is everyone on the “same page” of the song book?
  4. Executing Against Your Plan – once you know your key metrics, it’s time to perform.

If you’re in the season of momentum. Enjoy! But don’t take it for granted. Remember the things you did to build momentum are likely the things you need to continue to do to stay on the wave.

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