Link Baiting and Great Headlines

Link Baiting and Great Headlines

Oops… I hit publish instead of safe draft after I wrote the headline… an inadvertent example of link baiting – my apologies. 

I was asked last week to give a talk to the Puget Sound Venture Club about Entrepreneurial education and programing. As I was talking to Gary about the audiences objectives, we came to the topic of the title of the talk. At which point I fumbled and came up with a very working title for the talk, Global Changes in Entrepreneur Education

“Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online”

Wired ran this article the other day on Ev Williams – Co-founder of Twitter with an awesome headline.

The great part – the article was even better than the headline. But the headline created over 5,000 tweets, not to mention the number of time the article was syndicated.

Headlines matter – Thankfully, I think the content of my talk was better than the title. Here’s a link to the presentation here.

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  1. Dave,

    Either it is an error (Page does not exist), or the page not existing is the self-explanatory lesson. In either case, the article unwritten has spoken.


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