Live Blog – Lean Launchpad NY @sgblank

Live Blog – Lean Launchpad NY @sgblank

Tuesday Part 2 – From Columbia University

Evidence Based Entrepreneurship Notes

What’s the ideal team size for LLP? Three for Techstars, three for National Science Foundation. From @EricKoester, solo founders don’t work for sure. Two is the minimum, four is ideal, bust up teams that are five or more.

You want to be a founder of a startup. Leave what you’re doing and convince at least one person to join you. Or join someone elses team to learn the skills

If a founder says they don’t have a CTO,  it’s a perfect opportunity to develop the business case to find a technical cofounder.

Andy Sack, MIT Study, that outlines

You can teach entrepreneurship – just like you can teach art. The question is “who can you teach it to”. ONly those that raised their hands and say yes, I want to do this! When it gets hard, they will stop. Founders need to be passion and vision driven for the hard times.

To apply to the LLP program – you have to fill out a Business Model Canvas. Day one, they present their first business model canvas. It’s the attendee’s job to be ready to go day one.

Getting outside the building – 10-20 hours a week. If you don’t have the time, don’t join the program.

Standard practice on feedback – feedback comes from facilitators. Limited feedback from peers, but the peers need to provide that feedback in their grading sheet. LLP uses Launchpad Central to auto-generate the canvas. Techstars uses Google docs and Powerpoint.

Great catalog of class activities – assumptions – results and presentations.

  • Each team does a presentation of learnings
  • Each team does a two-minute video
  • Demo day becomes the results of lessons learned

Working with mentors – Andy Sack requires every team to have a printed agenda for each office hours.

Teaching Customer Discovery

Methodology Issues – Getting out of the building isn’t milling around the parking lot.

LLP has launched some new videos Getting Out of the Building – 25 new videos when completed <links to follow>

  1. Pre-planning
  2. How to interact with the customer
  3. The wrong way to do Customer Discovery or “Death by Powerpoint”


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