Perspective for Founders #NoDrama

Perspective for Founders #NoDrama

Life is hard – No Drama!

18 years ago today my wife was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Thankfully, the research from previous years meant that Hodgkins was a very treatable disease and though it was a stage 2 cancer, we never had the risk of death like other cancers. But anytime you start a conversation with doctors that begins with the words “You have Cancer” it’s not going to be a great day.

It was a long six months of chemotherapy followed by a month off and another full month of radiation. For years, if she had a strange fever or cough she would think about a recurrence of cancer, how could you not? Now, at the 18th anniversary from the diagnosis date, she is still cancer free – and we’re very thankful. With cancer they count your diagnosis date as the start of treatment – so you end up celebrating the diagnosis vs. the day treatment was completed (I know, weird, but I didn’t make it up).

What does a cancer diagnosis 18 years in the past have to do with YOU today? That’s easy, it’s called perspective.

I know your startup is important to you. Yes, fundraising is hard. It’s the end of the month and payroll checks are due today. Oh yeah, your co-founder can be a pain in the a$$. But you know what, no one is going to die if you miss your ship date.

Real life has enough drama – you don’t need to create additional drama. It leaves me with a zero tolerance for people that enter my orbit and add this “false” drama. I simply mark them off my list and move them out of my life. They have too much overhead and honestly, life is too short.

On the anniversary of 18 years, I’d like to tell Kathryn how proud I am of her and how much joy she’s brought to my life – even with the regular life drama. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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