Score One for @gogo Customer Service!

Score One for @gogo Customer Service!

I’ve blogged about gogo wifi internet price testing before here. So I wasn’t completely surprised by today’s experience.

I was on a flight from Dallas to Seattle and was presented with a number or pricing options – I usually try to remember to buy passes in advance and I didn’t think about it this time… my fault, penalty for not planning ahead.

I was offered the following screen when I started – sans the final option of Flight Pass. In the price testing, you’re presented with choices, but those choices aren’t necessarily the same choices you’ll see when you log back into the site.

So when I was logged out at 90 minutes, I went back to customer service to see what my choices were… and, low and behold, I was presented with a new price plan – not previously available and a better deal.

I contacted Customer Service via Chat – here’s the string.

Thanks to Kristin and gogo for not being a phone company!


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