Startup Launch vs. Scale

Startup Launch vs. Scale

Following are the slides for from a presentation that I did at StartupFarm in Belo Horizonte, Brasil (Thanks Alan & Felipe for the invite).

Founders are funny. We often merge together in our head the past and the future, what the product is today with what it will be when it’s complete. We see our startup as it will be in the future, a fully formed and scaled company.

But that’s not what we are shipping today. Today we’re shipping a minimum viable product that we hope is on it’s way to a kick ass product.

That is why I’ve coined the phrase, Launch Addressable Market or LAM. It’s the sliver of the TAM/SAM/SOM that you can actually sell to today.

The deck outlines a method for customer development questions to help you gather data so you don’t fool yourself (you’re not going to fool an investor).

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