Thinking About The Mobile Apps Biz – Read This

Thinking About The Mobile Apps Biz – Read This

If you’re thinking about building a mobile smart phone app for consumers or for business you should review this deck by Henry Blodget. You can answer a number of your business model questions about platform and monetization strategy.

Some of the conclusions:

  • Mobile monetization lags behind for a number of reasons – intrusiveness and small screen – the effect is a CPM reate of $3.50 for desktops and $0.75 for mobile
  • Results is a fraction of Ad Spending
  • But, Native mobile ads are appearing in timelines and feeds
    • Geo location ads
    • Shareable ads
    • Bigger screens for tablets represents a better Ad opportunity
  • With over 1M available apps on iOS and Android
    • Anticipated 55B downloads in 2013
    • More time spend on apps then mobile web
    • Most are still free with small revenue (<$6k)
    • Fremium is the dominant model
  • iOS dominates revenue, preferred by developers and generate the most money
  • But Android is dominating platforms worldwide

His concluding thoughts are that you need to be multi-screen vs. Single Screen.

Another great report from Business Insider.

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