Tunis Bootcamp Program

Tunis Bootcamp Program

November 19-22 2020

Schedule & Deliverables

Please make a copy of the Google Sheet for your team, fill in your deliverables at the end of each day and share the deliverables with the Flat6 Team.

Day 1 Slides

Day 1 Agenda:

Venture Ready Post and Survey

Introductions, Research, Pricing and Markets

Ultimate Customer Development Questions Blog Post

Recordings here Passcode: 26MBQw+e

Day 2 Slides

Day 2 Agenda

How Startups Make Money, Pricing and Metrics that Matter, Go-to-Market, Traction and Product Market Fit, Pitch Reviews

Recording Passcode: *uJy@kP0

Financial Model Template Folder

Day 3 Slides

Day 3 Agenda

When, Why, and How to Pivot. Product and Company Roadmap. Fundraising Fundamentals. Pitch Reviews 

Recording Passcode: =J2K$!1E