When Incremental Change Isn’t Enough

When Incremental Change Isn’t Enough

I was meeting with a company last week that had completed the build of their product, launched and was getting great customer feedback – just not the use case that they had expected.

The good news: they have validated the idea. The bad news: it wasn’t what the original customer nor was the current front page messaging on their site consistent with the new market. Yet, they were incredibly hesitant to change their messaging, images and front page content.

MOVE ON.  I heard someone call this process “being a cold lover”. If the idea isn’t working or better yet if the product is working but not what you anticipated, move on. Letting an idea die is hard.

But, don’t make incremental change. Make massive change and do it now. Don’t wait, you already have the data. The customer has spoken.

Get the messaging right, start with a blank home page and build it over if you have to. If you don’t your message will be muddled and the only person it will make sense to is you. Save the old page to look back and laugh at in the future.

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