Whew… back to blogging

Whew… back to blogging

A friend of mine asked recently why my blogging activity went down – and no, I wasn’t on an extended vacation – even though July and August are great here in Seattle.

In June I started a new position as VP Product at UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America). I’ve had a lot to do there in ramping up, as well as a busy summer with the family. So my blogging activity went wayyyy down. Well, school starts for the kids next week and it’s raining again in Seattle, so it’s time to get back to writing.

I have two friends that blog every day:

  • Bill Carleton is an attorney in Seattle who Blogs at WAC6.com and writes about crowdfunding, startups and everyday life.
  • The other is Rand Fishkin at MOZ.com. Now, it’s Rand’s “job,” given what he does, to write every day. But still, writing every day takes a great deal of dedication, even with some support these days from other writers. I enjoy the Personal and Psychology categories the best.

I don’t think I’ll get to writing every day, nor is it a goal. But what I’ve learned from watching them post is sometimes I need to lower the bar, not in quality (from their posts) but in word count. A post doesn’t require 600-800 words every day, ~200 is enough.

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  1. You go, Dave! Always love reading your stuff. Agree you don’t need to necessarily promise to post every day, but keep this in mind: in some ways, it’s actually easier to skip saying, “is this good enough to blog about,” and go right to, “well, this is what I have for today!”

  2. Ease into it Dave, you have plenty of stories, insights and ideas to share. Keep us wanting more. It will be fun to hear about Start up weekend and how it unfolds. Enjoy

  3. Dave,
    Ahh, yes, the age old “iron triangle” (i.e. Good – cheap – fast; pick any two)
    Keep doing what you’ve been doing! You are providing extraordinary perspective and practical experience to those of us in the “learning” seats. Every day doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is that everything that you do write, counts !

    Welcome back!

    Tampa, FL

  4. I have recently decided Dave that 10 sentences is the exact right aspirational length of a blog post. Check out Bill’s most recent post, and count the sentences!

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