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Dave’s experience allows him to be versatile in sharing his expertise with others, through media contributions, webinar talks, workshops and training programs, or specific consultancy services.

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Dave Parker is a Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Board, and Advisory Board Member for dozens of companies. Formerly the Senior VP of Programs at UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America) that was purchased by Techstars.

If you want to meet me for coffee or a virtual coffee, two things in advance:

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Looking for a Startup Financial Model Template? Go to Venture Ready Models is a site that Dave has built out with Excell templates for the tech business models that he blogs about here and on the Venture Ready Models Blog.

Dave works as a Coach for startup founders and Consultant mid-market companies that are staging for funding, growth, transition, or sale. To learn more about Dave’s consulting practice click the ABOUT tab above for Dave’s CV.

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TractionSpace WTIA Startup Fundraising Seminar

This seminar was delivered on May 10, 2023 at TractionSpace in Tacoma WA

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Trajectory: Startup Named Hubspot’s Business Book of the Year!

Hubspot, the CRM company based in Boston that created the term “in-bound marketing” publishes some amazing resources for startup founders. You’ll find their guides on pricing, account-based sales and other topics helpful if you’re new to marketing for your startup. They also have great software at free and discounted prices (90% off for the first

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What Do I Actually Do As My Startup Unravels? 6 Actions To Do Now!

Pulled Term Sheets, pending recession, a self-fulfilling prophecy, investors who aren’t coming through, or have you just plain waited too long to trim your expenses? It doesn’t matter which reason, what matters is – what are you going to do about it and where do you start when things start to unravel? 1. Stop wishing!

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