Flat6 Labs Abu Dhabi Cycle 2

Flat6 Labs Abu Dhabi Cycle 2


I’m excited to get the opportunity to work with your startup and the new Flat6 Labs team in Abu Dhabi from the 23-26 of May 2021. We’ll get to know each other a lot over the next few days. Each day I’ll post the program slides in advance as well as posting the video recordings after all of the sessions (and on my YouTube channel here).

Final Schedule and Deliverables here.

Day 1 Slides

Day 1 Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Telling Your Story in 10/12 Slides
  • Research, Competitive Analysis, & Markets
  • Value Propositions
  • Customer Development Data
  • Awkward Co-Founder Discussions
  • How Startups Make Money
  • Pricing


FAST Advisor Agreement


Part 1 Recording (before lunch break).

Part 2 Recording (after lunch break)

Day 2 Slides

Day 2 Agenda

  • Traction and Product/Market Fit
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Product & Company Roadmaps
  • Fundraising fundamentals
  • Pivots
  • Pitch Reviews

Part 1 Recording (before lunch)