Is it time to sell your company? Preparing to exit your startup can be an emotional process, filled with ups and downs – and that’s even before you hire a banker!


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That’s why I’ve joined my former teammate at Techstars, Jessica Ford, the Director and publisher of Startup Digest to write a weekly email to help founders prepare for the exit process.

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I was fortunate to get to work with Jessica when I was at UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America) before we sold the company to Techstars in 2015 (which was my ninth transaction). Jessica has been with “the digest” since 2010. Startup Digest delivers event emails to 100’s of startup cities every week – it’s a curated list of upcoming events in your city. Reading lists represent topics of interest for Startup Communities, health, blockchain as an example of the 65 lists. Prepping for Exit is just the newest reading list.

What do you want to know about “Prepping for Exit?” Drop me an email and if I can’t help, I’ll find some resources that can.

Also, I’ll introduce my partner Mark Upson and his firm, Next Path Advisors. Though we still run different companies, we work together helping companies in the process. Mark is also a former Founder that has exited a number of companies before entering advisory services.

I’ll be interviewing other service providers to create a list of resources, best practices and of course some of the lessons learned from things that may not have gone well in the process!

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Prepping for Exit – Sponsored by Lighter Capital and WTIA Startup Programs Mar 24, 2020, 11:00 AM in Pacific Time. Webinar recording and Presentation.

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