Find Meaningful Work and Change the World

Find Meaningful Work and Change the World

I’m an entrepreneur. I start things. As a founder, I stress over payroll. If you join one of my teams, I want you to be looking for more than a job.

Then I hear people talk about the need for jobs in this country (and other countries) and I have to admit a level of frustration with the English language.

A Job is: a paid position of regular employment or a task or set of tasks to be completed for pay.

Work is: activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. When you add Meaningful in front of it, you magnify the need for purpose.

As a startuper, I want to build a company that creates Meaningful Work for a team of people to invest their energy and time into. In the Startup world, team is everything (see Dave Cohen @Techstars’ top five things they look for: Team, Team, Team, Market and Idea).

The Gallup Organization has done a huge amount of research around employee engagement, with its Strengths Finder test and measuring employee satisfaction at work. What were the results? In a nutshell that most employees have a job, and it sucks their will to live.

Meaningful work will drive you to a goal. Hopefully it will also drive the organization you are part of to make a difference in your community and the lives of your customers. Ultimately it should change the world.

Stop looking for a job. It’s time you should find meaningful work and change the world.

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