Founder Institute Spring Semester – Founder Institute Seattle

Spring Semester – Founder Institute Seattle

Time to Start Your Dream Company? Join a group of select peers as we launch our sixth semester in Seattle – Starting March 26th through June 25th. You can apply online here. Apply early and save $50 on the application fee.About the program: Meet 35+ mentors, local tech CEO/Founders with three mentors, every week, on topics …

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Startup Business Visionary Entrepreneur, Really?

Visionary Entrepreneur, Really?

I’ve been invited to connect with a number of “Visionary Entrepreneurs” via LinkedIn recently. It’s a cool phrase – WOW – I mean who wouldn’t want to given to unpractical ideas or schemes. When I launched my first startup, I boldly told the team that we wanted to offer outrageous service! Not realizing that the definition …

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Founder Institute The Startup Ecosystem – Avoiding the Leeches!

The Startup Ecosystem – Avoiding the Leeches!

When I started going to China for business I was amazed how many “helpful” people who I found at events with US Business people. They all knew people, in my industry and especially in the government. It was later that I discovered that those weren’t the real people you wanted to meet. But they were …

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