Prepping for an Exit – In a Challenging Economy. A Founder’s Guide Webinar

Prepping for an Exit – In a Challenging Economy. A Founder’s Guide Webinar

This 60-minute webinar is designed for Startup Founders and CEOs considering fundraising or exploring the option of selling their company. This program is focused on what you need to do in advance to prep for a successful exit.  

Recording Password: 0k=3^3^1 

What we covered: 

  • Choosing Your Own Adventure! Should you do a fundraising round or exit your company? It’s really all about your options and what path you should take that’s best for you, your employees, and your investors.
  • What’s your Market Map? What are the buyer types that could buy your company? Private Equity or Strategic Buyers have different profiles and timelines to purchase a company 
  • What is the M&A process? We’ll break down the mechanics of the process with milestones and deliverables – and how to manage the process to maximize your return  
  • Understanding pricing and terms. More deals fall apart from terms than pricing. However, having realistic pricing coming into the process matters as well as earnouts or acqui-hires. 
  • Business Development as a strategic process. How to build up market relationships starting today that will impact your future enterprise value. 

About Mark, Sarah, and Dave: 

  • Mark is the founder of NextPath Advisors and was the CEO of two tech companies he sold before moving into private equity as a buyer. As a sell-side advisor, Mark has helped over a dozen companies position themselves for a successful exit. His full LinkedIn profile is here
  • Sarah Rivard is a Senior Attorney at Egan Nelson, LLP. After graduating from Georgetown Law, she served as an Associated at Perkins Coie before serving on the Corporate Development team at Starbucks and now representing only companies at Egan Nelson. Her full LinkedIn profile is here.
  • Dave is a 5X founder, having sold three of the companies he founded. DKParker, LLC is his investment and advisory business as well as his blog and program site. He’s been part of nine transactions as an operator, board member or investor. His full LinkedIn profile is here

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