What Your Customers Want – and Don’t Want

What Your Customers Want – and Don’t Want

I’ve been trying to improve the speed of my WordPress Blog on DKParker.com (hosted on a vendor). So I took some time to compare my old site hosted on WordPress.com (www.foresttreesbark.com) to my current site (www.dkparker.com). I ran a site speed tool to contrast the speed of the two vendors…it wasn’t good. The WP.com hosted site was 1.5 seconds, the other site was over 6 seconds.

So I did what any geek would do. I did the research, then posted a question on the help center of my hosting provider and asked what I should do to improve the speed of my site on your service.

My answer was the response listed above.

  1. I already did number one – that’s how I knew it was 6 seconds
  2. So I let them know their solution wasn’t suitable and voted with my $$ to move to WordPress.com

When I received an email asking to rate my interaction with the agent (name and vendor withheld above) I let them know that I was leaving their service and going back to WordPress. Ironically, the price of the service was $99 a year on WP vs. half that at this vendor. But my point to the survey response was that I didn’t care about the server it was hosted on – if it was shared or exclusive. I wanted the results. The vendor didn’t care about the results, but the service.

A good reminder – when you go to Home Depot to buy a drill bit. You don’t actually want a drill bit – you want a hole.

Are you delivering what your customer wants?

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    1. Thanks Joe… I haven’t tried that one, but will. When the hosting provider changes takes it from 6.5 to 1.5 it’s a good start. Now I can tweak to make improvements.

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