Program Cohorts

Program Cohorts

6 Month Programs

This program is designed for founders that are currently working a day job and looking to validate their idea before leaving their day jobs. It’s also for founders that are considering fundraising and are looking for a framework to become Venture Ready.




WTIA Cohort Program

Dave Parker is the Board Chair of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Startup Programs. These programs and efforts are part of a 10-year plan to level up the Seattle Startup Founders.

OHUB Programs

Opportunity Hub or OHUB is based in Atlanta GA was founded by my friend Rodney Sampson. In 2013, Sampson co-founded Opportunity Hub as a follow up to the highly successful Kingonomics’ book release and large-scale conferences in Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC.

Today, as Executive Chairman & CEO of Opportunity Hub, Sampson is focused on scaling its suite of collaborative and interconnected technology products, programs, initiatives, and funds globally in partnership with major foundations, corporations, tech startups, venture funds, municipalities, colleges, and universities.

The four-month programs are delivered on Saturdays in a 5-hour format vs. the three hours, weeknight format of the six-month program. This program requires the participants to complete the customer development and research in a compressed time frame.

Kansas City

New Orleans, LA (NOLA)

Bootcamp Programs

Bootcamp programs use the same content from 6 Month Startup and is designed for startup accelerator programs to filter final candidate companies. The program is either three or four days and with the option of the financial modeling workshop including the most common revenue models for startups from Venture Ready Models.




Scale Program

Telluride Program (TVA)

Greater Colorado Venture Fund workshop – February 3, 2020.